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Florian Schmidt
Sam Reed
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HTTP redirectotherUnknownÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
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ParserFunctionsHelperother1.0.0Jean-Lou Dupont
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TitleKeyother1.0Brion Vibber
Add HTML Meta and Titleparserhook0.5Vladimir Radulovski - vladradulov<at>
based on the work of Jim Wilson - wilson.jim.r<at>
Add links for given Country and Region into the banding headerparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Petrov aka Holger
Add list Excursion and Guides in Cityparserhook1.2.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
Add list TT Events for given Country/Region.parserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
Add list TT Places for given Country/Region. Add Google Panoram for TT Placesparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
Add list of new articlesparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
Add season links.parserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
Auto add nofollow parameter for duplicated linksparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
Direct Internal URLs To External File Repoparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
DynamicPageList (third party)parserhook2.3.0Gero Scholz
Hotel Data Getterparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
Hotels Of Country Data Getterparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
LinkNofollowHackparserhook1.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
List of Hotels in some Region(s)parserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
Loopsparserhook0.5.1David M. Sledge
Daniel Werner
NamespaceHTMLparserhook0.2Ike Hecht for WikiWorks
Otzyv AnnouncementCountparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
ParserFunctionsparserhook1.6.0Tim Starling
Robert Rohde
Ross McClure
Juraj Simlovic
SeasonBlocksparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
SeasonMenuparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
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Tom Hempel
Daniel Werner
Vars to PHP-varsparserhook1.0.0Dmitry Rud aka DAR
TonkoWikiNeoskin1.0DAR & Tonkosti Team
External Linksspecialpage1.23 (extended by DAR)Subfader
Roman Allenstein
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Aaron Schulz
Replace Textspecialpage1.4.1Yaron Koren
Niklas Laxström
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PBCountervariableUnknownDmitry Rud aka DAR