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ExtensionTypeVersionVCS versionVCS dateAuthor
FancyBoxThumbsother0.8Jason Gill
Javascript Slideshowother0.2.1Chris Reigrut
SocialProfileother1.5Aaron Wright
David Pean
Jack Phoenix
WikiEditorother0.3.1Trevor Parscal
Roan Kattouw
Nimish Gautam
Adam Miller
Commentsparserhook2.7.2David Pean
Jack Phoenix
EmbedImgparserhook0.1Dmitry Shurupov Ratin
No titleparserhookUnknownNx
YouTubeparserhookUnknownSylvain Machefert & emijrp
AddRelationshipspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
GiftManagerspecialpage1.0Aaron Wright
David Pean
GiftManagerLogospecialpage1.0Aaron Wright
David Pean
GiveGiftspecialpage1.0Aaron Wright
David Pean
PopulateExistingUsersProfilesspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
RemoveAvatarspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
RemoveGiftspecialpage1.0Aaron Wright
David Pean
RemoveMasterGiftspecialpage1.0Aaron Wright
David Pean
RemoveRelationshipspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
RenameuserspecialpageUnknownÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
Aaron Schulz
SendBoardBlastspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
ToggleUserPagespecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
TopUsersspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
UpdateProfilespecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
UploadAvatarspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
UserActivityspecialpage1.1Aaron Wright
David Pean
Jack Phoenix
UserBoardspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
ViewGiftspecialpage1.0Aaron Wright
David Pean
ViewGiftsspecialpage1.0Aaron Wright
David Pean
ViewRelationshipRequestsspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean
ViewRelationshipsspecialpageUnknownDavid Pean