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Please note that you cannot add internal or external links to your description.
Date founded: 
Leave blank and a bot will populate, or set manually if desired.
The preferred prefix to use when making an interwiki link to this wiki.
Only used if this wiki is part of a wiki farm running multiple wikis. Autocompletes on existing farms.



WikiApiary collects data from the MediaWiki API and will fallback to the Special:Statistics page if the API is not available. Please provide the URLs for the API and/or the Special:Statistics page to enable data collection:

Statistics URL:
General data:

Collect general data General data will never be collected from this wiki.

Extension data:

Collect extension data Extension data will never be collected from this wiki.

Skin data:

Collect skin data Skin data will never be collected from this wiki.

General statistics:
Collect statistics data via

Statistics data will never be collected from this wiki.


Collect logs (experimental) Logs will never be collected from this wiki.

Recent changes:

Collect recent changes (experimental) Recent changes will never be collected from this wiki.

SMW statistics:
Collect Semantic MediaWiki statistics.
The wiki needs to be set up for this.
See also: Setup of semantic statistics collection

Semantic statistics data will never be collected from this wiki.

Collect statistics data every
The minimum is 240 minutes, which is the default value.
minutes (if possible).



The settings in this panel are for operators to manage the flags for registered sites.

Audit Bee uses this to indicate that the site has been audited. Uncheck it to request the site to be audited before the audit expires.
Last audit:
This flag is used by operators to specify that all manual metadata has been added for this site.
This flag controls whether bots will collect data for this wiki.
This flag will prevent this website from showing up in lists of promoted wikis. It will also prevent syndication of this website to Twitter and other networks.
Check this to indicate that the website is no longer available. If checked, all other fields will be false regardless of setting.
Bot segment override:
Do not edit this unless you know specifically what you are doing! This setting allows you to override the bot segment that this website is in.
Additional API URL(s):

The fields below are maintained by User:WikiTeam, but can be edited manually. Beware that these fields will be overwritten without checking by the bot.

Internet Archive identifier
Internet Archive URL
Internet Archive added date
Internet Archive file size


The notification functionality in WikiApiary is still being created. You can create notification requests now, and I encourage you to do so so I can better gauge the interest in this feature.

Add an entry below to receive email notifications for this website.

Admin messages will highlight versions of software that should be upgraded and other administrative notifications.

Weekly report will send an email with a summary of metrics changes for the week.