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#REDIRECT [[IIWiki (]]
|Tagline=Premier Encyclopedia for the Roleplaying Forums
|Founded date=2011/11/27 03:32:52 AM
|Collect general data override=Auto
|Collect general data=Yes
|Collect extension data override=Auto
|Collect extension data=Yes
|Collect skin data override=Auto
|Collect skin data=Yes
|Collect statistics override=Auto
|Collect statistics via=API
|Collect logs override=Auto
|Collect logs=No
|Collect recent changes override=Auto
|Collect recent changes=No
|Collect semantic statistics override=Auto
|Collect semantic statistics=No
|Check every=240
|Audited date=2016/05/07 07:45:56 AM
|Internet Archive identifier=wiki-iiwikicom-20190319
|Internet Archive URL=
|Internet Archive added date=2019/03/19 01:28:00
|Internet Archive file size=3200000

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