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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Gyvosios gamtos enciklopedija1.19.240.26
RuneScape Wiki (tr) (
Plants vs. Zombies Wiki1.19.240.26
Star Citizen Wikia (Japanese)
Sbarg Wiki1.19.240.26
Mixels Wiki (nl)
LEGO Wiki1.19.240.26
The EvilBabes Wiki1.19.240.26
Speedy deletion Wiki1.19.240.25
Mean Girls Wiki1.19.240.26
ISC Pedia 3.0 (en)
LEGO Universe Wiki1.19.240.26
Idea Wiki1.19.240.26
Les Archives de Blood Gulch1.19.240.26
Minecraft buildcraft Wiki1.19.240.26
League of Legends Wiki1.19.240.26
Halo Mods1.19.240.26
LapFox Trax Wiki1.19.240.26
A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki1.19.240.26
Ibanez Wiki1.19.240.26
Land Before Time Wiki1.19.240.26
AStranger195's Wikia1.19.240.25
YouTube Italia Wiki1.19.240.26
Gunnerkrigg Court Wiki1.19.240.26
Mixels Wiki (hu)
The SBARG Wikia1.19.240.25
Illuminati Formulas Wikia1.19.240.26
Memory Alpha (de)
Wii Party Wiki1.19.240.26
Date A Live Wiki1.19.240.25
Hardware Wiki1.19.240.26
Ilien Wiki1.19.240.26
Mixels Wiki (no)
FFXIclopedia (ja)
Hello Troll Database Wiki1.19.240.25
Foreign Sound Effects Dictionary Wiki1.19.240.26
WikiStates (
We Bare Bears Wiki1.19.240.26
Spirited Away Wiki1.19.240.26
Landminelovers site for Minecraft Wiki1.19.240.26
New Furry Wiki Fanon Wiki1.19.240.26
Vim Tips1.19.240.26
Encyclopedia Gamia1.19.240.26
Beer Wiki1.19.240.26
Smosh Wiki1.19.240.26
MS Paint Adventures Wiki1.19.240.25