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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Ethics Wiki1.19.240.26
Random-ness Wiki1.19.240.26
Hello Troll Database Wiki1.19.240.25
Halo: Landfall RP Wiki1.19.240.25
The SBARG Wikia1.19.240.25
The RuneScape Wiki1.19.240.26
Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan Wikia1.19.240.26
The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki1.19.240.26
Mixels Wiki (en)
Gunnerkrigg Court Wiki1.19.240.26
Halo Machinima1.19.240.26
Halo 3 Mythbusters Wiki1.19.240.26
Mixels Wiki (pt-br)
Minecraft Fanon Wiki - Wikia1.19.240.26
Heroes of Gaia Wiki1.19.240.26
Elder Scrolls Wiki (pl)
YoYo Wiki1.19.240.26
Animanga Wiki1.19.240.26
Robot Chicken Wiki1.19.240.26
Halo Archives Wiki1.19.240.26
Speedy deletion Wiki1.19.240.25
Great Movie Quotes Wiki1.19.240.26
Halo Answers1.19.240.26
Marvel: War of Heroes Wiki1.19.240.26
Vim Tips1.19.240.26
Color Wiki1.19.240.26
Keroro Wiki1.19.240.25
Wiki Resident Evil1.19.200.25
Gallowmere Wiki1.19.240.26
My Lego Network Wiki1.19.240.26
The Cube SMP UHC Evo Wiki1.19.240.26
Filk Discography1.19.240.26
The IT Law Wiki1.19.240.26
Homestuck: Fate Edition Wikia1.19.240.26
Survivor Fanon Wiki1.19.240.26
Memory Alpha (nl)
MonsterMMORPG Wiki1.19.240.26
Ice Hockey Wiki1.19.240.26
Spademanns Leksikon1.19.240.26
Adventure Time Wiki1.19.240.26
Custom Mega Bloks Halo Wiki1.19.240.26
001 Wiki1.19.240.25
Alien Species0.26
Memory Alpha (ru)
EVE Wiki1.19.240.26
Island Paradise Wiki1.19.240.26