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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Governance Wiki1.19.24Unknown
The Pokémon Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Hello Troll Database Wiki1.19.24Unknown
MagicaVoxel Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Elder Scrolls Wiki (en)1.19.24Unknown
BootlegGames Wiki1.19.24Unknown
SBARGv2 Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Virtual Skipper Wiki1.19.24Unknown
GTA Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Wiki Batman1.19.24Unknown
Custom Mega Bloks Halo Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Der Herr der Ringe Wiki1.19.24Unknown
PPC Wiki1.19.24Unknown
League of Legends Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Zettai Karen Children Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Churches of Rome Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Angry Birds Wiki (en) (
Cut the Rope Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Wikia API Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Memory Alpha (pt)1.19.24Unknown
House of Cards Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Star Citizen Wikia (Japanese)1.19.24Unknown
The Hunger Games Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Sbarg Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Survivor Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Snowboarding Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Unus Annus Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Star Wars Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Fings Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Lara Croft Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Halo Machinima1.19.24Unknown
FFXIclopedia (de)1.19.24Unknown
Elder Scrolls Wiki (de)1.19.24Unknown
User Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Mixels Wiki (sv)1.19.24Unknown
Lords of Minecraft Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Halo Roleplay Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Minecraft buildcraft Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Pocket Trains Wiki (
Mixels Wiki (pt)1.19.24Unknown
Super Craft Bros Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Eve Lore Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Trash Pack Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Minecraft Creations Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Survivor Wiki em Português1.19.24Unknown
Wiki de Gold Bars1.19.24Unknown