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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Halo Ninja Warrior Wiki1.19.241.1
Eroge Wiki1.19.241.1
PlasmaCraft Wiki1.19.241.1
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Fanon Wiki1.19.241.1
Memory Alpha (pt)
Star Citizen Wikia1.19.24
Sword Art Online Wiki1.19.241.1
Zombie Jombie Wiki1.19.241.1
Minecraft Comes Alive Wiki1.19.241.1
Robot Chicken Wiki1.19.241.1
Minecraft Wiki - Wikia1.19.241.1
Smurfs Wiki1.19.241.1
The Cube SMP UHC Evo Wiki1.19.24
The RuneScape Wiki1.19.241.1
ISC Pedia 3.0 (en)
Partners N Crime Wiki1.19.181.1
Drawn to Life Wiki1.19.241.1
Marvel Database1.19.241.1
Onyx Clan Wiki1.19.241.1
Memory Alpha (de)
Software Wiki1.19.241.1
Kosova Wiki1.19.241.1
LapFox Trax Wiki1.19.241.1
ISC Pedia 3.0 (de)
Random-ness Wiki1.19.241.1
FORUM The Manga Wiki1.19.241.1
Fan Fiction Halo Wiki1.19.241.1
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wiki1.19.241.1
Halo Archives Wiki1.19.241.1
Star Wars Wiki1.19.241.1
Manhunt Wiki1.19.241.1
Hitchhiker Wiki1.19.241.1
Halo Mods1.19.241.1
IMagen Wiki1.19.241.1
Jadusable Wiki1.19.241.1
Glee Wiki1.19.241.1
SBARGv2 Wiki1.19.241.1
Memory Alpha (eo)
Regular Show Wiki1.19.241.1
Spirited Away Wiki1.19.241.1
Halo Stunting Wiki1.19.241.1
Filk Discography1.19.241.1
Wii Party Wiki1.19.241.1
KoolAnime Wiki1.19.241.1
The Rooster Teeth Wiki1.19.241.1
Unikitty Wiki1.19.241.1