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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Awesomenauts Wiki1.
Patterns Wiki1.29.1Unknown
Zelda Wiki1.
Obduction Wiki1.
City of Titans Wiki1.29.2Unknown
Alien Rage Wiki1.
Hometown Story Wiki1.
Star Trek Online Wiki1.
Hand of Fate Wiki1.
Alien: Isolation Wiki1.
Ryse Wiki1.29.1Unknown
Unsung Story Wiki1.
Dungeon of the Endless Wiki1.
Scrolls Wiki1.
Neverwinter Wiki1.
Runes of Magic Wiki (en)
Second Chance Heroes Wiki1.
Solstice Arena Wiki1.29.2Unknown
Maia Wiki1.
Clockwork Empires Wiki1.
Broken Age Wiki1.
Starbound Wiki1.29.2Unknown
StarForge Wiki1.31.1Unknown
The HinterLands: Mining Game Wiki1.
Disney Infinity Wiki1.
Poptropica Wiki1.
PixelJunk Inc Wiki1.
Leaguepedia - League of Legends Wiki1.
Life is Feudal Wiki (fr)1.31.1Unknown
Wayward Terran Frontier Wiki1.
Balrum Wiki1.
From the Depths Wiki1.
Smite Wiki1.
Invisible Inc. Wiki1.
Shadowrun Wiki1.
Witcher Wiki (el)
Crimson Dragon Wiki1.
Witcher Wiki (it)
Legends of Dawn Wiki1.
GODUS Wiki1.
XCOM Wiki1.
Candy Box 2 Wiki1.
Edge of Space Wiki1.
Infinity Blade Wiki1.
Lords of the Fallen Wiki1.
Rogue Legacy Wiki1.
Castle Story Wiki1.
Massive Chalice Wiki1.
Hellraid Wiki1.