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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
McDonald's Wiki1.33.3Unknown
MrBeast Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Phobia Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Harry Potter Wiki1.33.3Unknown
PlasticCraft Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Adventure Time Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Windows Group Wiki1.33.3Unknown
The Maximum Ride wiki1.33.3Unknown
Hidamari Sketch Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Eromanga-sensei Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Android games Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Grand Blue Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Wiki Resident Evil1.33.3Unknown
Mr. Bean Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Phobia Wiki 21.33.3Unknown
1000 Ways to Die Wiki (es)1.33.3Unknown
The Wiki Wiki - a wiki about wikis1.33.3Unknown
Mountain Dew Wiki1.33.3Unknown
UCP Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Super Mario Maker 2 Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Princess Connect Re:Dive Wiki1.33.3Unknown
App clash Wiki1.33.3Unknown
AndroidScript Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Apple Support Wiki1.33.3Unknown
RangerWiki (Power Rangers)1.33.3Unknown
ApplyTube Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Startup Company Wiki1.33.3Unknown
THE IDOLM@STER Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Villains Fanon Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Flash game archives Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Marvel: War of Heroes Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Memory Alpha (de)1.33.3Unknown
Spotify Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Flashpoint preservation project Wiki1.33.3Unknown
IMac G3 Encyclopedia Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Hatsune Miku Wiki1.33.3Unknown
No Game No Life Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Girls Only (Yeet, yeet, yeet.) Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Google Classroom Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Google Earth Wiki1.33.3Unknown
OUYA Wiki (Fandom)1.33.3Unknown
007 Fanon Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Netflix Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Furry RP Fanon Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Musaigen no Phantom World Wiki1.33.3Unknown