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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Alternate Halo 3 Machinima Wiki1.19.240.25
RuneScape Wiki1.19.240.26
FFXIclopedia (en)
Minecraft Story Mode Wiki1.19.240.26
New Furry Wiki Fanon Wiki1.19.240.26
Memory Alpha (zh-cn)
Wiki Batman1.19.240.26
Spirited Away Wiki1.19.240.26
Adventure Time Wiki1.19.240.26
Software Wiki1.19.240.26
Wiedźmin Wiki1.19.240.26
Mega Bloks Halo Answers1.19.240.26
Olympus: Halo RP Wiki1.19.240.26
Halo Ninja Warrior Wiki1.19.240.26
Drunken Peasants Podcast Wiki1.19.240.25
Mountain Dew Wiki1.19.240.26
Halo 3 Mythbusters Wiki1.19.240.26
Angry Birds Wiki (en) (
LittleBigPlanet Wiki (de)
Fur Fighters Wiki1.19.240.26
Sbarg Wiki1.19.240.26
Wikia API Wiki1.19.240.26
Furry RP Fanon Wiki1.19.240.26
001 Wiki1.19.240.25
Star Citizen Wikia (Spanish)
Walking Fatality Wiki1.19.240.26
Apple Wiki (Wikia)
Halo Costuming Wiki1.19.240.26
Date A Live Wiki1.19.240.25
Mean Girls Wiki1.19.240.26
Regular Show Wiki1.19.240.26
FusionFall Wiki0.26
MS Paint Adventures Wiki1.19.240.25
LEGO Wiki1.19.240.26
Frarjun Wiki1.19.240.26
Seattle Wiki1.19.240.26
Sword Art Online Wiki1.19.240.26
PlasmaCraft Wiki1.19.240.26
Combat Arms Wiki 20.26
PPC Wiki1.19.240.26
Roblox Wikia1.19.240.25
Memory Alpha (pl)
Survivor Wiki em Português1.19.240.26
Halo Machinima1.19.240.26
Hello Troll Database Wiki1.19.240.26
The adventures of sharkboy and lavagirl Wiki1.19.240.26