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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Memory Alpha (ca)1.19.241
Ninjago Wiki1.19.241
YoYo Wiki1.19.241
Randomness Wiki1.19.241
Icon Ultima Wiki1.19.241
BAT MAN Wiki1.19.241
Filk Discography1.19.241
Ilien Wiki1.19.241
ISC Pedia 3.0 (de)1.19.241
Lara Croft Wiki1.19.241
UnSpeedy Deletion Wikia1.19.241
Marvel: War of Heroes Wiki1.19.241
Soul Eater Wiki1.19.241
Wikia API Wiki1.19.241
Churches of Rome Wiki1.19.241
Eroge Wiki1.19.241
Fortnite Wiki (wikia)1.19.241
Mountain Dew Wiki1.19.241
Mixels Wiki (fr)1.19.241
Minecraft Fanon Wiki - Wikia1.19.241
Pocket Trains Wiki (
Walking Fatality Wiki1.19.241
Memory Alpha (mu)1.19.241
WikiDex (
AltVerse (Wikia)1.19.24
Halo Universe Wiki1.19.241
PlasticCraft Wiki1.19.241
Halo RDF Wiki1.19.241
Eden World Builder Wiki1.19.241
The SCODE Wiki1.19.24
FFXIclopedia (en)1.19.241
Marvel Database1.19.241
Minecraft Fan Ideas Wiki1.19.241
Unikitty Wiki1.19.241
FFXIclopedia (ar)1.19.241
NIER Wiki1.19.241
Walking Dead Wiki1.19.241
Halo Fan Fiction Wiki1.19.241
Minecraft Creations Wiki1.19.241
LittleBigPlanet Wiki (de)1.19.241
Tagalog RuneScape Wiki1.19.241
Paragon Wiki (
PlasmaCraft Wiki1.19.241
Sbarg Wiki1.19.24
ISC Pedia 3.0 (en)1.19.241
LEGO Universe Wiki1.19.241
Hello Troll Database Wiki1.19.241
Wikia Developers Wiki1.19.241
Looking Wiki1.19.241