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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Walking Dead Wiki1.19.241.0
The IT Law Wiki1.19.241.0
Foreign Sound Effects Dictionary Wiki1.19.241.0
Academy Craft Wikia1.19.241.0
Memory Alpha (it)
Apple Wiki (Wikia)1.19.24
Gundam Wiki1.19.241.0
Blue's Clues Wiki1.19.241.0
Memory Alpha (en)
Filk Discography1.19.241.0
Survivor Wiki1.19.241.0
FFXIclopedia (ja)
Memory Alpha (es)
Glee Wiki1.19.241.0
Eve Lore Wiki1.19.241.0
Robot Chicken Wiki1.19.241.0
The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki1.19.241.0
The Maximum Ride wiki1.19.241.0
Minecraft buildcraft Wiki1.19.241.0
Mountain Dew Wiki1.19.241.0
Cave Story Wiki1.19.241.0
O2Jam wiki1.19.241.0
Dark Souls Wiki1.19.241.0
Churches of Rome Wiki1.19.241.0
Manhunt Wiki1.19.241.0
House of Cards Wiki1.19.241.0
Trash Pack Wiki1.19.241.0
File Formats Wiki1.19.241.0
Custom Mega Bloks Halo Wiki1.19.241.0
Minecraft Comes Alive Wiki1.19.241.0
Fan Furry RP Wiki1.19.241.0
The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki1.19.241.0
Disney Wiki1.19.241.0
TPMRPG Wiki1.19.24
Tagalog RuneScape Wiki1.19.241.0
LEGO Wiki1.19.241.0
Star Wars Wiki1.19.241.0
FusionFall Wiki1.19.241.0
Frarjun Wiki1.19.241.0
The Tekkit Wiki1.19.241.0
KoolAnime Wiki1.19.241.0
Angry Birds Wiki HQ (
The Hunger Games Wiki1.19.241.0
Super Craft Bros Wiki1.19.241.0