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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Hack 'n' Slash Wiki1.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Chroma Squad Wiki1.
Duel of Champions Wiki1.
Avatar WikiUnknown
RuneScape Wiki Lietuviškai1.19.24Unknown
User Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Lords of Minecraft Wiki1.19.24Unknown
FFXIclopedia (fr)1.19.24Unknown
Planet Explorers Wiki1.
Neo's Land Wiki1.
Limit Theory Wiki1.
Keroro Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Below Wiki1.
Nosgoth Wiki1.
Left 4 Dead Wiki1.19.24Unknown
The IT Law Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Memory Alpha (fr)1.19.24Unknown
Inkheart Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Minecraft Music Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Broken Age Wiki1.
Forsaken Fortress Wiki1.
WikiDex (
Steven Universe Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Drunken Peasants Podcast Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Game of Thrones Ascent Wiki1.
Corvette Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Mew-Genics Wiki1.
Spademanns Leksikon1.19.24Unknown
D4 Wiki1.
Mixels Wiki1.19.24Unknown
MechWarrior Online Wiki1.
Churches of Rome Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Leaguepedia - League of Legends Wiki1.
Rain World Wiki1.
Stonehearth Wiki1.
Hero-U Wiki1.
Combat Arms Wiki 21.19.24Unknown
Soma Wiki1.
Memory Alpha (it)1.19.24Unknown
BioShock Wiki1.19.24Unknown
The Pokémon Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Halo Ninja Warrior Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Craft the World Wiki1.
Memory Alpha (sv)1.19.24Unknown
Memory Alpha (es)1.19.24Unknown
Blockscape Wiki (
ISC Pedia 3.0 (de)Unknown