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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
Corvette Wiki1.19.24Unknown
IMagen Wiki1.19.24Unknown
The Tekkit Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Hitchhiker Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Smurfs Wiki1.19.24Unknown
The SBARG Wikia1.19.24Unknown
Tubes! (Minecraft) Wiki1.19.24
Star Citizen Wikia1.19.24
My Little Pony Custom CCG Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Halo Legends Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Lords of Minecraft WikiUnknown
The SCODE Wiki1.19.24
Walking Fatality Wiki1.19.24Unknown
LEGO Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Doctor Who Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Marvel Database1.19.24Unknown
Irish Comics WikiUnknown
Spirited Away Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Pan-do-ra API Wiki1.19.16Unknown
Thaumcraft 4 wiki1.19.24
Minecraft Players Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Memory Alpha (sv)Unknown
Petit Computer Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Blue's Clues Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Memory Alpha (pl)1.19.24Unknown
Mixels Wiki (es)1.19.24Unknown
Sins of a Solar Empire1.19.24Unknown
Star Citizen Wikia (Russian)1.19.24Unknown
Negima! Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Custom Mega Bloks Halo Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Halo Ninja Warrior Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Tom&Jerry Fist of fury Wiki1.19.24Unknown
The Chamber of Affinity Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Facial Hair Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Gyvosios gamtos enciklopedija1.19.24Unknown
Minecraft Comes Alive Wiki1.19.24Unknown
001 Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Filk Discography1.19.24Unknown
Memory Alpha (cs)1.19.24Unknown
Wii Party Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Sims it Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Minecraft Creations Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Minecraft PC Wiki1.19.24Unknown
AltVerse (Wikia)1.19.24
FORUM The Manga Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Wikia Developers Wiki1.19.24Unknown
Memory Alpha (sr)1.19.24Unknown
Mixels Wiki (en)1.19.24Unknown