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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
KoolAnime Wiki1.19.240.1
LittleBigPlanet Wiki1.19.240.1
Recipes Wiki1.19.240.1
Minecraft Pocket Edition Wiki - Wikia1.19.240.1
Random-ness Wiki1.19.240.1
Halo Costuming Wiki1.19.240.1
Halo RDF Wiki1.19.240.1
Mean Girls Wiki1.19.240.1
Lords of Minecraft Wiki1.19.240.1
FFXIclopedia (en)
Sbarg Wiki1.19.24
Memory Alpha (zh-cn)
The Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod Wiki1.19.240.1
User Wiki1.19.240.1
Tekken Wiki1.19.240.1
The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki1.19.240.1
Gunnerkrigg Court Wiki1.19.240.1
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Wiki1.19.24
The Pokémon Canon-Fanon Wiki1.19.240.1
Mario Kart Racing Wiki1.19.240.1
Furry RP Fanon Wiki1.19.240.1
GTA Wiki1.19.240.1
EverQuest 2 Wiki1.19.240.1
Halo Legends Wiki1.19.240.1
Wiedźmin Wiki1.19.240.1
Minecraft mob Wikia1.19.240.1
Memory Alpha (de)
Speedy deletion Wiki1.19.240.1
Eve Lore Wiki1.19.240.1
Angry Video Game Nerd Wiki1.19.240.1
Star Citizen Wikia (Russian)
The Chamber of Affinity Wiki1.19.240.1
Combat Arms Wiki
Fan Fiction Halo Wiki1.19.240.1
The EvilBabes Wiki1.19.240.1
Furry-Paws Wiki1.19.240.1
PlasmaCraft Wiki0.1
Memory Alpha (nl)
Dark Souls Wiki1.19.240.1
Minecraft buildcraft Wiki1.19.240.1
UnSpeedy Deletion Wikia1.19.240.1
File Formats Wiki1.19.240.1
Governance Wiki1.19.240.1
Software Wiki1.19.240.1
Lilith's Throne Wiki (