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ExtensionTypeVersionVCS versionVCS dateAuthor
DataValues Validatorsdatavalues0.1.2Jeroen De Dauw
The Wikidata team
StreamPlayerhtml5mediator0.1Diego F. Gomez
ParserHooksother1.5.0Jeroen De Dauw
ProtectSourceother0.1.4Lisa Ridley
CharInsertparserhookUnknownbe7937c7317c632981813f451314d7bf55f27f351 September 2017 04:45:30Brion Vibber
CiteparserhookUnknownÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
Andrew Garrett
Brion Vibber
Marius Hoch
Steve Sanbeg
Ed Sanders
Trevor Parscal
InputBoxparserhook0.3.0Erik Moeller
Leonardo Pimenta
Rob Church
Trevor Parscal
ParserFunctionsparserhook1.6.0Tim Starling
Robert Rohde
Ross McClure
Juraj Simlovic
ReplaceSetparserhook1.5.0bc36ce57147d51137ead9161df0b821994ffb14114 August 2017 07:30:39Daniel Friesen
Semantic MediaWikisemantic2.5.6Markus Krötzsch
Jeroen De Dauw
James Hong Kong
CavendishMWskin0.3.3Serrano Pereira
CavendishMWCskin0.3.3Serrano Pereira
Cologne BlueskinUnknownLee Daniel Crocker
Cubunskin1.0Diego F. Gomez
ModernskinUnknownRiver Tarnell
MonoBookskinUnknownGabriel Wicke
VectorskinUnknownTrevor Parscal
Roan Kattouw