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ExtensionTypeVersionVCS versionVCS dateAuthor
AddHTML Extensionotherv1.21 $LastChangedRevision$Jean-Lou Dupont
ConfirmEditother1.0Brion Vibber
ExtensionClassotherv1.93 $Id$Jean-Lou Dupont
FooterManagerother0.0.1Simon Litt
Simple Article Countother0.1Max Lee
WikiEditorother0.3.0Trevor Parscal
Roan Kattouw
Nimish Gautam
Adam Miller
BreadCrumbsparserhookUnknownManuel Schneider
FlashMP3parserhookv0.92Matthias Korn
No titleparserhookUnknownNx
SimpleSecurityparserhook5.0.4, 2011-06-29User:Nad
VideoFlashparserhookUnknownAlberto Sarullo
SignpostMarv Martin
Frank Forte
MultipleUploadspecialpage2.0Travis Derouin
TimelineTablevalidextensionclass1.7.1Thibault Marin