Subpage templates

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Subpage templates are used to render the body content for the data subpages for a given website. The primary page (e.g. WikiApiary) is used to show the main graphs and highlighted details for the website. However, detailed information about the Interwiki connections from that site can be seen on it’s subpage (e.g., WikiApiary/Interwikimap).

These subpages can be a little confusing. The data in the subpages is transcluded into the parent page by Template:Website. The content of the subpages is actually always attributed to the parent page. The display is then managed using a subpage template, that queries back to the parent page. The properties for a website should always be connected to the primary website page/object either as a property or subproperty, and not the subpage. The only exception to that should be some aggregate information on the a specific data set that could be attached as a property of the subpage.