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ExtensionTypeVersionVCS versionVCS dateAuthor
ConfirmEditantispam1.4.0Brion Vibber
Florian Schmidt
Sam Reed
SpamBlacklistantispamUnknownTim Starling
John Du Hart
Daniel Kinzler
TitleBlacklistantispam1.5.0Victor Vasiliev
Fran Rogers
Google Analytics Integrationother3.0.1e36d980c7a91323a169f23cafd9bddc6755a743031 August 2016 20:35:48Tim Laqua
Davis Mosenkovs
HipChat Notificationsother1.06Aleksi Postari
WikiEditorother0.5.0Derk-Jan Hartman
Trevor Parscal
Roan Kattouw
Nimish Gautam
Adam Miller
MsUploadparserhook12.0585b4df1f8daebedba8b62346db1be898522fbd45 May 2016 00:10:29Martin Schwindl
Martin Keyler
Luis Felipe Schenone
ParserFunctionsparserhook1.6.0Tim Starling
Robert Rohde
Ross McClure
Juraj Simlovic
Secure HTMLparserhook3.023fb41ec77b96c8b21022b9825f0c93192d4c51b4 August 2016 21:30:02Ryan Finnie
SyntaxHighlightparserhook2.0Brion Vibber
Ed Sanders
Niklas Laxström
Ori Livneh
Rob Church
Tim Starling
VectorskinUnknownTrevor Parscal
Roan Kattouw
Nukespecialpage1.2.0Brion Vibber
Jeroen De Dauw
Replace Textspecialpage1.1.1e2aa327f1a9b5c8b5fa90dd58be7761c4be24c4d4 May 2016 23:46:39Yaron Koren
Niklas Laxström