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ExtensionTypeVersionVCS versionVCS dateAuthor
DataValues Validatorsdatavalues0.1.2Jeroen De Dauw
The Wikidata team
FoundSfCustomLoginFormother0.0.2Matthew Vickery
Jeff Rector
Validatorother2.2.1Jeroen De Dauw
Mapsparserhook4.2.1Jeroen De Dauw
FoundSfspecialpage0.0.2Jeff Rector
Nukespecialpage1.2.0Brion Vibber
Jeroen De Dauw
Replace Textspecialpage1.4.1a5dc24dc47d7df3678ec7c34d0ea1845a6aa226511 October 2018 10:39:03Yaron Koren
Niklas Laxström