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A total of 1,931 wikis (1,626 standalone and 305 farm) are using a generator from the MediaWiki 1.23 branch. MediaWiki 1.23.x is a Long Term Support (LTS) branch and will continue to receive security patches and other support until the LTS branch released after it is one year old.

The first version of this branch was released on 5 June 2014, the last on 11 April 2017. This branch is still being maintained.

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A total of 1,884 wikis (1,589 standalone and 295 farm) are using a stable official generator from the MediaWiki 1.23 branch.


GeneratorRelease dateWebsitesStandaloneFarmVersion stabilityVersion status
MediaWiki 1.23.1711 April 201728244stablecurrent
MediaWiki 1.23.166 April 2017842163stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.1522 August 20161189721stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.1420 May 2016785919stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.1321 December 20151066739stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.1217 December 201517107stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.1116 October 201519163stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.1010 August 201530300stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.931 March 201569636stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.817 December 201485769stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.727 November 201423212stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.629 October 201420918524stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.51 October 201419617323stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.424 September 201451501stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.327 August 20141821811stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.230 July 201421318033stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.125 June 201425421836stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.23.05 June 20141221184stableoutdated

A total of 47 wikis (37 standalone and 10 farm) are using an alpha, beta, or release candidate generator from the MediaWiki 1.23 branch.

GeneratorRelease dateWebsitesStandaloneFarmVersion stabilityVersion status
MediaWiki 1.23.0-rc.114 May 2014110release candidate
MediaWiki 1.23.0-rc.223 May 2014000release candidate
MediaWiki 1.23.0-rc.32 June 2014000release candidate
MediaWiki 1.23.0rc024 April 2014220release candidate
MediaWiki 1.23alpha24 October 201326260alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf124 October 2013000alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf109 January 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf1116 January 2014110alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf1230 January 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf136 February 2014110alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf1413 February 2014110alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf1520 February 201412210alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf1627 February 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf176 March 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.23wmf1813 March 2014000alpha
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A total of 0 wikis (0 standalone and 0 farm) are using a custom generator from the MediaWiki 1.23 branch.
GeneratorRelease dateWebsitesStandaloneFarmVersion stabilityVersion status
MediaWiki 1.23.2-gentoo30 July 2014000stableunknown