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A total of 1,286 wikis (1,112 standalone and 174 farm) are using a generator from the MediaWiki 1.24 branch. MediaWiki 1.24.x is a Long Term Support (LTS) branch and will continue to receive security patches and other support until the LTS branch released after it is one year old.

The first version of this branch was released on 26 November 2014, the last on 21 December 2015. This branch is no longer being maintained.

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A total of 1,260 wikis (1,087 standalone and 173 farm) are using a stable official generator from the MediaWiki 1.24 branch.


GeneratorRelease dateWebsitesStandaloneFarmVersion stabilityVersion status
MediaWiki 1.24.621 December 201517170stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.24.517 December 2015110stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.24.416 October 201527723047stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.24.310 August 201525178stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.24.231 March 201529121873stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.24.117 December 201454750641stableoutdated
MediaWiki 1.24.026 November 2014102984stableoutdated

A total of 26 wikis (25 standalone and 1 farm) are using an alpha, beta, or release candidate generator from the MediaWiki 1.24 branch.

GeneratorRelease dateWebsitesStandaloneFarmVersion stabilityVersion status
MediaWiki 1.24.0-rc.029 October 2014220release candidate
MediaWiki 1.24.0-rc.18 November 2014000release candidate
MediaWiki 1.24.0-rc.221 November 2014000release candidate
MediaWiki 1.24.0-rc.324 November 2014000release candidate
MediaWiki 1.24alpha17 April 201421201alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf117 April 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf1019 June 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf1126 June 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf123 July 2014110alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf1310 July 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf1417 July 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf1524 July 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf1631 July 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf1714 August 2014000alpha
MediaWiki 1.24wmf1821 August 2014000alpha
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