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ExtensionTypeVersionVCS versionVCS dateAuthor
ConfirmEditantispam1.6.0Brion Vibber
Florian Schmidt
Sam Reed
WikiEditoreditor0.5.2Derk-Jan Hartman
Trevor Parscal
Roan Kattouw
Nimish Gautam
Adam Miller
PDF HandlermediaUnknownMartin Seidel
Mike Połtyn
Google Analytics Integrationother3.0.16bd3beafccd4b4869495b0a46676664851a1410a11 October 2018 12:37:21Tim Laqua
Davis Mosenkovs
Purgeother1.0.2Tom Hutchison
Slack Notificationsother1.14Aleksi Postari
SyntaxHighlightparserhook2.0Brion Vibber
Tim Starling
Rob Church
Niklas Laxström
Ori Livneh
Ed Sanders
MonoBookskinUnknownGabriel Wicke
Isarra Yos
Timelessskin0.8.1Isarra Yos
VectorskinUnknownTrevor Parscal
Roan Kattouw
Confirm User AccountsspecialpageUnknown0ccceb93d5533b79a5577c8c269cec6b73877f1720 April 2019 01:35:34Aaron Schulz
DeleteBatchspecialpage1.8.1db7f9cbcca82bcd18ba2f0b6507ea12436f26e0511 October 2018 20:10:26Bartek Łapiński
UserMergespecialpage1.10.166c703068fa0089cb5644129158a8c50b0b12fef13 January 2019 18:55:47Tim Laqua
Thomas Gries
Matthew April