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Ciencia Al Poder/Rating/Extension:CorporateFooter +Wikia-specific extension  +
Ciencia Al Poder/Rating/Extension:PageImages +It's very useful for providing a relevant image when sharing a page in social networks  +
DSwissK/Rating/Extension:Foreground +Best skin to put CONTENT in the... foreground  +
GrantM/Rating/Extension:Pivot +The best implementation of Foundation CSS for Mediawiki!  +
Jeroen De Dauw/Rating/Extension:Semantic Forms +doh  +
Kghbln/Rating/Extension:MaintenanceShell +Very useful and sometimes a life saver if you do not have shell access.  +
Kghbln/Rating/Extension:Math +The documentation is a total disaster.  +
Kghbln/Rating/Extension:SimpleTooltip +As simple as a tooltip can get.  +
Kghbln/Rating/Extension:Thanks +This is a great extension to allow showing appreciation.  +
Kghbln/Rating/Extension:Variables ++  +
Kghbln/Rating/Extension:Widgets ++  +
Kghbln/Rating/Extension:WikiSEO ++  +
PatrikRoy/Rating/Extension:Pivot +Great skin, needs a bit of research to customize  +
Pitpitt/Rating/Extension:Poncho +Great skin ! clean and pure  +
Psl631/Rating/Extension:Echo +good and easy  +
Revi/Rating/Extension:Josa +Well there is almost nothing to document :-p  +
Revi/Rating/Extension:TvPot +It's unfortunate I can make 0 stars once I click 'em  +
Samwilson/Rating/Extension:Genealogy +I wrote it, so I'm giving myself top stars. ;-)  +
Scryptd/Rating/Extension:ConfirmEdit +Spam prevention necessity.<br /><br />Without it, it would be much harder to control spam.  +
Scryptd/Rating/Extension:Test Rating +Test  +
Scryptd/Rating/Extension:Widgets +I have used this extension on the Referata farm. It allows raw HTML pages to be embedded.  +
Suriyaa Kudo/Rating/Extension:DonateBoxInSidebar +First ExtensionReview for Extension:DonateBoxInSidebar  +
Suriyaa Kudo/Rating/Extension:Info +First ExtensionReview for Extension:Info  +
Sushil/Rating/Extension:MsCatSelect +can i have version 4.5 of extension - MsCatSelect and its documentation(need this for my project )  +
Thingles/Rating/Extension:Variables +Super useful extension for complex templates.  +