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A Database of Turkic Runiform Inscriptions#Extension_Semantic_Hierarchy +' Hierarchy'is not a valid URL.  + +'[...]'is not a valid URL.  +
Animanga#Extension_AuthJoomla +','is not a valid URL.  +
Apache OpenOffice Wiki#Extension_Google_Co-op_Extensions +'/wiki/Google_search'is not a valid URL.  +
Asentria Portal#Extension_JWPlayer6 +'/wiki/Extension:JWPlayer6' is not a valid URL.  +
Assela Pathirana#Extension_Google_Calendar +'/wiki/Google_Calendar_MediaWiki_plugin'is not a valid URL.  +
Biberkor-Wiki#Extension_Zum +'[...]' is not a valid URL.  +
Biberkor-Wiki#Extension_FormelAppletWeb_with_resourceloader +'Not yet published (experimental), for gf08' is not a valid URL.  +
BildungsWiki#Extension_DBSSkin +'[none]' is not a valid URL.  +
BioUML platform#Extension_ExtAuthBiostore +''is not a valid URL.  +
BitnjeWiki#Extension_SpecialTemplateInstances +'/dev/random' is not a valid URL.  +
Boats of the Norfolk Broads#Extension_cookieControl +'http://notyetavailable' is not a valid URL.  +
Brauchwiki#Extension_CreateUsers +''is not a valid URL.  +
Brauchwiki#Extension_Ask_Admin +'xxx'is not a valid URL.  +
Brauchwiki#Extension_VideoUpload +''is not a valid URL.  +
Brauchwiki#Extension_createCategory +'xxx'is not a valid URL.  +
Brauchwiki#Extension_WikiKonfiguration +''is not a valid URL.  + +'/wiki/Extension:DateChangeTool' is not a valid URL.  + +'/wiki/Extension:MWCMS' is not a valid URL.  + +'/wiki/Extensions:SortHeaders' is not a valid URL.  + +'/wiki/Extension:Blog' is not a valid URL.  + +'/wiki/Extension:TamblingCommon' is not a valid URL.  + +'/wiki/Extension:JWPlayer6' is not a valid URL.  + +'/wiki/Extension:HeaderButtons' is not a valid URL.  + +'/wiki/Extension:AnnouncementTool' is not a valid URL.  +