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ExtensionTypeVersionVCS versionVCS dateAuthor
ConfirmEditantispam1.36b867ba9292837133ff674351f12e946b2444fd16 February 2012 21:41:15Brion Vibber
LDAP Authentication Pluginother2.1.0Ryan Lane
WikiEditorother0.4.0e733d8f4faa1c4eefaf18ed42398b3cecbb5adf219 September 2012 20:44:28Trevor Parscal
Roan Kattouw
Nimish Gautam
Adam Miller
Mathparserhook1.0Tomasz Wegrzanowski
Brion Vibber
RSS Readerparserhook0.2.5Artem Kaznatcheev
Secure HTMLspecialpage
2.2.1cd804ece89cfb48375019d94a5c991c3c12f07d912 March 2013 21:18:03Ryan Finnie
LabstrapskinUnknownGarrett LeSage
LabstrapBetaskinUnknownGarrett LeSage
Nukespecialpage1.2.0adb67fe0996e6a14eafd39ed153d87ab9fe967395 February 2012 20:20:23Brion Vibber
Jeroen De Dauw