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ExtensionTypeVersionVCS versionVCS dateAuthor
Google Analytics Integrationother3.0.16bd3beafccd4b4869495b0a46676664851a1410a11 October 2018 12:37:21Tim Laqua
Davis Mosenkovs
ParserHooksother1.5.0Jeroen De Dauw
Validatorother2.2.1Jeroen De Dauw
BiblioPlusparserhook1.3.0bea57181608f9d50edc92c2a6cd2f67cd85fc7144 March 2019 15:07:18Karen Eddy
ParserFunctionsparserhook1.6.0ab601a2ca7152f6776762fa0de8f78ff43a5d28a17 March 2019 05:39:09Tim Starling
Robert Rohde
Ross McClure
Juraj Simlovic
Widgetsparserhook1.4.04df6e4b18ff6f3add3afa0eba3758b6c5dac22ec19 January 2019 21:16:38Sergey Chernyshev
Yaron Koren
SemanticMediaWikisemantic3.0.1Markus Krötzsch
Jeroen De Dauw
James Hong Kong
VectorskinUnknown6f2751d0e247866380813ece190594508d1c105e31 March 2019 20:00:07Trevor Parscal
Roan Kattouw
Admin Linksspecialpage0.3.12b2d9c2f8dac89853af0850d071645237c5be4c615 March 2019 21:35:44Yaron Koren