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All of the data in WikiApiary is easily accessible via API calls. There are two API's that you can use to access the data in WikiApiary. The first is the Semantic MediaWiki Ask API accessible inside the MediaWiki API. Additionally WikiApiary has it’s own direct API for accessing time-series data and communicating directly with the WikiApiary bots.

WikiApiary Semantic MediaWiki API Examples

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WikiApiary API

Still under development

The WikiApiary API is still being developed. The URL's in this section are not functioning yet, however feel free to provide any feedback in the relevant talk pages.

The WikiApiary API is a REST API for accessing time-series data for each website monitored by WikiApiary, as well as methods that will provide sparkling charts and make it easy to submit new wikis to be added to WikiApiary.

Data Access

Access data collected for a wiki.


Return a PNG image that can be used as an inline sparkline graph for a wiki.


These methods allow interaction with the WikiApiary bots.

Retrieve the status of a previous submission.

Use this method to easily submit a new wiki to be added to WikiApiary.