Extensions/Merged and Bundled

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There are 8 extensions merged into MediaWiki's core and 17 extensions bundled with the latest official download.

Merged into core

 Name  Sites  Farm  Standalone  Description
SimpleAntiSpam 856  34  822  Adds a simple spam/bot check to forms
ExpandTemplates 556  24  532  Allows to expands templates, parser functions and variables to show expanded wikitext and preview rendered page
AssertEdit 325  320  Adds edit assertions for use by bots
Newuserlog 19  18  Displays account creations in Special:Log in reverse chronological order
PostEdit 12  12  Delivers a confirmation message after doing an edit
Deleted user contributions

Bundled with download

 Name  Sites  Farm  Standalone  Description
ParserFunctions 11,238  4,078  7,160  Enhances the parser with logical functions
ConfirmEdit 9,706  3,026  6,680  Provides CAPTCHA techniques to protect against spam and password-guessing
Cite 9,399  3,935  5,464  Adds tags to be used for citations
Vector 9,167  3,117  6,050  Enhances the user interface when using the Vector skin
Nuke 8,026  3,579  4,447  Gives administrators the ability to mass delete pages
WikiEditor 7,189  2,041  5,148  Provides an extendable wikitext editing interface and many feature-providing modules
SyntaxHighlight 6,514  3,145  3,369  Allows source code to be syntax highlighted on the wiki pages
InputBox 5,982  3,523  2,459  Allows the inclusion of predefined HTML forms
Gadgets 5,716  2,816  2,900  Lets users select custom CSS and JavaScript gadgets in their preferences
ImageMap 5,567  2,998  2,569  Adds a tag which sllows client-side clickable image maps
SpamBlacklist 5,470  2,883  2,587  Provides a regex-based anti-spam tool
Renameuser 5,262  1,635  3,627  Allows to rename a user
Poem 5,063  3,360  1,703  Adds a tag for poem formatting
Interwiki 4,992  3,307  1,685  Adds a special page to manage the interwiki table
LocalisationUpdate 1,985  1,104  881  Keeps the localised messages as up to date as possible
Title Blacklist 1,095  447  648  Allows administrators to forbid creation of pages and user accounts per a blacklist and whitelist
VectorExtension Enhances the user interface when using the Vector skin