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W3C (ID: 3010)
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards. Led by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and CEO Jeffrey Jaffe, W3C's mission is to lead the Web to its full potential.
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Active websites count: 28
Total users count: 2,850
Total active users: 74
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Total pages count: 19,405
Total article count: 5,986
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Largest wikis in W3C
WikiPagesArticlesFilesEdit indexUsersActive usersAdminsActive users chgLast sample
W3C Wiki16,5675,0682,0452.252,19768008 November 2018 09:12:02
Web Education Community Group1,214508578680021 December 2018 23:17:16
W3C eGovernment Wiki3168861194008 November 2018 19:14:48
HTML accessibility task force Wiki30014126590021 December 2018 04:48:59
Ontology-Lexica Community Group18520273.753140023 December 2018 12:54:01
Linked Data for Language Technology Community Group92764220021 December 2018 23:25:52
Schema Bib Extend Community Group91518290011 November 2018 17:33:01
Read Write Web Community Group641225280023 December 2018 16:01:02
W3C Social Business Community Group60145150024 December 2018 02:07:53
Web-based Signage Business Group55835140024 December 2018 02:01:55
Web and Broadcasting Business Group54926280024 December 2018 02:54:53
W3C Web Cryptography Wiki52514190024 December 2018 02:34:41
Web of Things Community Group46137100011 November 2018 14:01:16
Automotive and Web Platform Business Group4541304410022 December 2018 01:16:24
TV Control API Community Group414001710011 November 2018 12:56:35
Client and Server JavaScript APIs Community Group352020022 December 2018 05:02:06
Declarative 3D Community Group3583120022 December 2018 10:33:04
Web Media Text Tracks Community Group233840024 December 2018 02:34:34
Markdown Community Group23140120011 November 2018 15:52:08
OStatus Community Group175140011 November 2018 16:58:37
Responsive Images Community Group141360023 December 2018 16:57:34
Second Screen Presentation Community Group143080011 November 2018 16:58:16
Open Linked Education Community Group143270023 December 2018 12:51:50
Touch Events Community Group124030024 December 2018 02:41:25
Open Government Community Group91040023 December 2018 16:21:10
Sesmanbro Community Group91020023 December 2018 21:35:13
Media Resource In-band Tracks Community Group91060023 December 2018 07:09:18
Geospatial Semantic Web Community Group91050022 December 2018 15:54:47