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WikiXL (ID: 246072)
WikiXL™ kennismanagementplatform (en: knowledge management platform) is a Dutch wiki host from ArchiXL, headquartered at Nijverheidsweg Noord 60A-27, 3812 PM Amersfoort, Nederland, KvK (Chamber of Commerce) number 05084421.

WikiXL™ is a semantic wiki platform that makes it easy to share data, information and knowledge inside and outside your organisation. It makes it possible to make structured information available in addition to texts, resulting in a rich combination of content. It is based on standard open source software, can be customised and is offered 'as a Service'.
ArchiXL is an independent consultancy firm assisting organizations in redesigning their information provision. We specialize in Enterprise and IT Architecture. Our customers can be found in the public and financial sectors. ArchiXL Education provides hands-on courses in the field of architecture.
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Total wiki websites count: 19
Active wiki websites count: 18
Users (editors)
Total users count: 1,856
Total active users: 21
Total admin count: 166
Total pages count: 119,032
Total article count: 87,669
Total images count: 9,592

Largest wiki sites within WikiXL
Wiki siteAll pagesArticlesFilesEdit indexUsersActive usersAdminsActive users chgLast sample
GEMMA Online52,56936,7403,509072328024 September 2022 01:23:07
Referentiearchitectuur Funderend Onderwijs13,27611,64358120930 September 2022 15:47:11
ArchiMedes10,95610,506556051 October 2022 20:01:08
ROSA9,5469,060254023314024 September 2022 01:04:36
NORA Online9,1637,3362,34304571025025 September 2022 23:18:04
HORA8,0056,0552222101230 September 2022 20:37:39
PILOD4,7851,5971,748081111030 September 2022 21:51:43
ArchiXL IT Referentie Architectuur v23,6742,8232162740719 July 2022 23:10:44
Logius SBR Wiki1,79132013419083 January 2022 06:43:44
Triple A Encyclopedie1,416103301200122 January 2022 15:18:37
Logius SBR EN Wiki87850088063 January 2022 06:25:45
Flehite Wiki8639391100523 September 2022 08:23:38
SURF Standaarden486356438061 October 2022 02:32:01
Via Nova Architectura Wiki3751241421340516 November 2020 04:17:06
HR Metadata350167450415 April 2020 09:34:09
XL&Knowledge344716301137027 May 2020 07:33:29
Vensters FAQ Wiki29517278021113018 November 2017 19:07:42
Vensters VO Wiki260872302319018 November 2017 17:58:58
Largest defunct wiki sites from WikiXL
Wiki siteAll pagesArticlesEdit indexUsersActive usersActive users chgFilesLast sample
GEMMA Wiki898619905724 November 2016 13:45:09