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Wikkii (ID: 25887)
[[Has description::Wikkii – free wiki hosting — was a free British wiki farm that provided fully featured hosting for wiki sites on any topic. It used the popular MediaWiki software, and it was 100% free for users and individual wiki site owners. Founded January 2009, Wikkii hosted over 3,000 wiki sites; the vast majority of those were a sub-domain of Double-digit quantities of 'enhanced' wikis were hosted as sub-domains of Individual Wikkii site URLs were created in the format of:, or Sadly, it became evident that the Wikkii operation was not managed as robustly as needed to support four-digit quantities of wiki sites; with availability of service suffering poor access speed, and also, occasional outages of varying timespans. Indeed, one such major site-wide outage affected Wikkii during part of October 2012. Fortunately, any Wikkii wiki sites which had their own custom domain did not seem to be affected by the October 2012 outage. Somewhere around 2014, the entire Wikkii site went out of service altogether. Of the former 3,000+ individual wiki sites hosted by Wikkii, the web archiving service at indicates 2558 separate wiki sites which were created on the main sub-domain had been archived to some lesser or greater extent, 18 enhanced wiki sites on the were archived, and up to 94 individual page wikis on the Wikkii.Org incubator site were captured for posterity.]]
Dead since 2014.
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Largest defunct wiki sites from Wikkii
Wiki siteAll pagesArticlesEdit indexUsersActive usersActive users chgFilesLast sample
Asheron's Call Community Wiki112,59726,353099811057,0711 July 2014 12:49:21
Wikkii Community Wiki6621119404221 June 2014 09:25:44
Metapedia ( June 2013 21:42:41
AgileDevelopment210210018 June 2013 13:00:34