Amazon Data Services Japan

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Amazon Data Services Japan is a commercial host. There are 10 wikis (10 standalone and 0 farm) hosted on the Amazon Data Services Japan netblock.

Standalone wikis on Amazon Data Services Japan:

WikiPagesMW VersionFoundedIP AddressNetblockLanguage
Chakuwiki (jp)60,5361.26.452.68.168.116
The Global Women's Network25,9961.18.321 March 2011 22:38:413.112.70.96AMAZO-49en
Wiki Sumber Informasi iSIKHNAS18,3011.23.110 February 2014 04:02:5054.254.224.121AMAZO-49en
Chakuwiki (en)1,6461.18.227 March 2011 09:07:0052.68.168.116
Inference Web1,4561.14.118 February 2009 00:58:1991.195.240.126
FLOSS Marche1361.17.016 November 2007 08:00:
AdLocus1061.23.124 July 2014 08:59:1452.197.111.45AMAZO-49en
AWS-wiki881.22.814 August 2014 12:16:5552.192.55.153
FireFall 火瀑 中文 Wiki101.23.12 July 2014 05:39:2652.198.53.221AMAZO-49zh-tw
Unimoe.com41.19.227 September 2012 00:58:54ja
Now defunct wikis previously hosted on Amazon Data Services Japan:
WikiPagesMW VersionFoundedIP AddressNetblockLanguageFarmLast collection
Biliwiki5421.23.128 June 2011 07:11:1547.88.3.233
AMAZO-49zh-cnMoegirlpedia28 June 2014 12:49:30