Incapsula Inc

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Incapsula Inc is a commercial host. There are 13 wikis (13 standalone and 0 farm) hosted on the Incapsula Inc netblock.

Standalone wikis on Incapsula Inc:

WikiPagesMW VersionFoundedIP AddressNetblockLanguage
SNPedia270,6961.32.62 August 2006 06:48:0045.60.63.253INCAP-5en
INCAP-5en Wiki16,6811.30.08 March 2010 12:24:3445.60.63.104INCAP-5en
Engineering Policy Guide13,6291.
Total War Wiki9,1081.20.421 September 2012 15:08:4345.60.45.160INCAP-5en-gb
Lost Saga1,1391.16.14 March 2011 17:39:50199.83.128.93INCAP-5en
ChulaPedia9671.15.34 June 2010 07:16:4945.60.122.77INCAP-5th
Brain Mapping5481.27.18 September 2006 17:00:39107.154.105.16
Foresight Linux - Wiki4461.19.24 December 2011 16:53:50107.154.146.224INCAP-5en
Techservwiki4451.15.118 October 2007 14:41:0645.60.149.84INCAP-5en
Sciencetheatre2421.16.511 September 2013 01:14:1845.60.63.246INCAP-5en
Oposinet2401.19.82 February 2009 16:44:10107.154.146.138INCAP-5es
Evo Devo Universe1711.28.119 February 2007 00:46:23107.154.84.33INCAP-5en
Now defunct wikis previously hosted on Incapsula Inc: