University of Georgia

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University of Georgia is a university host. There are 8 wikis (6 standalone and 2 farm) hosted on the University of Georgia netblock.

Farm wikis on University of Georgia:

WikiPagesMW VersionFoundedIP AddressNetblockLanguageFarm
Research Computing Center Wiki1,7931.30.025 July 2011 16:22:32128.192.75.78UNIVER-136-ZenUniversity of Georgia
UGA Libraries Wiki291.16.019 February 2007 15:44:49128.192.128.11UNIVER-136-ZenUniversity of Georgia
Standalone wikis on University of Georgia:
WikiPagesMW VersionFoundedIP AddressNetblockLanguage
Enterprise IT Services Helpdesk9271.14.031 August 2006 21:24:12128.192.11.119UNIVER-136-Zen
Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and Technology2161.27.011 January 2007 15:26:22128.192.22.58UNIVER-136-Zen
MonATolWiki1481.19.14+dfsg-115 August 2008 19:51:14128.192.203.32UNIVER-136-Zen
AncientBibliographies541.16.014 December 2010 18:21:26128.192.128.11UNIVER-136-Zen
Campus Web Server Help441.14.031 August 2006 21:24:12128.192.11.119UNIVER-136-Zen
PGML181.14.010 March 2007 17:15:47128.192.141.6UNIVER-136-Zen
Now defunct wikis previously hosted on University of Georgia:
WikiPagesMW VersionFoundedIP AddressNetblockLanguageFarmLast collection
The Foundations of Instructional Technology1,5741.17.0128.192.22.24UNIVER-136-Zen16 April 2013 13:57:21
Web Accessibility Group691.17.05 July 2011 17:35:18128.192.11.96UNIVER-136-ZenUniversity of Georgia3 February 2016 18:50:38