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Paul Schmehl is a founding member of Vietnam Veterans for Factual History and the system administrator for all the websites. He is also a major contributor to the website, blog, and wiki content.

Paul served in the US Navy from September 1968 to September 1974. He worked in signals intelligence on the Atlantic side and never served in-country in Vietnam. His duty stations were NavFac Cape Hatteras and NavFac Argentia (Newfoundland) He received the Good Conduct Medal, Marksmenship Medal, and the National Defense Medal.

His interest in the war stems from the loss of his cousin, Donald LeRoy Carlson in Thua Thien Province in August of 1968. Donald was a combat soldier in the 7th Cavalry, the famous Grey Horse Troop, and earned an Army Commendation Medal for bravery under fire.

Paul has written many of the articles on the VVFH Website as well as the VVFH Blog and is a busy member of VVFH.