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Welcome to WikiApiary!

Hello Sean,

Welcome to WikiApiary, a wiki that collects, displays and analyzes information about the usage and performance of 21,731 independent MediaWiki installations as well as 8,839 wikis running in 295 wiki farms; and growing every day! WikiApiary is a great place to see what other wikis are doing, see where 9,854 extensions and 3,398 skins are being used. Start your discovery tour and browse through the sites listed on the main page, explore what they are all about and get some inspiration.

Thank you for registering! Please add your website to WikiApiary, if it isn't already here, to see important information about it at a glance, e.g. editing activity, etc. In the future WikiApiary will be sending out notifications that will greatly help wiki administrators and editors keep an eye on their sites. You can register for them while adding your website. If you are a wiki maven and routinely discover new wikis, use the WikiApiary bookmarklet to easily add wikis you discover as you browse the web — it only takes a couple clicks to add a site using this!

There are also mailing lists for WikiApiary. For general discussion sign up on the wikiapiary-l list. If you would just like announcements, wikiapiary-announce is the list for you. If you are interested in helping build WikiApiary, check out wikiapiary-dev.

You can also show the world your site is monitored and share your support for WikiApiary by adding the Monitored by WikiApiary icon to your wiki footer!

Cheers 🐝,

-- Welcome Bee (talk) 12:37, 8 March 2018 (UTC)

Susan's Place Transgender Wiki

About your revert, I checked again and the domain does not resolve DNS for me, nor for WikiApiary bots that are unable to get information from that wiki.

There's a problem with the DNS for that domain, as several independent tools report:

If you're the owner of the wiki, you'll have to resolve the issue. I have no intention to revert it again. However, if I check WikiApiary logs again and I find your wiki popping up again in the errors, and the problem persists, I'll probably mark it as defunct again. --Ciencia Al Poder (talk) 10:29, 21 March 2018 (UTC)