Handling duplicate names

From WikiApiary, monitoring the MediaWiki universe

WikiApiary uses its main namespace mostly for pages to define each wiki that it is monitoring. The name of the page is the name of the wiki. There are however times where there are multiple wikis with the same name. The most common reason for this are multiple languages of the same wiki. There are however times where two completely independent wikis have the same name. This page outlines how to deal with those conflicts.

When these naming conflicts occur, it is nice to still have a page for the name to provide a point for visitors to find the individual site they are looking for. To do this, create a page with the name in conflict and place the multisite template on it. This template expects a parameter to indicate the type of multisite it is, either lang or name. See Template:Multisite for more information.

Multiple Languages

The language code is used to distinguish these wikis. Place the language code in parenthesis behind the wiki name in the page title.

Examples: Wikipedia.

Name Conflict

If multiple websites have the same name, the domain name is used to differentiate them and is placed in parenthesis behind the wiki name in the page title.

Examples: SpieleWiki.

Actual duplicates

Many wikis are known with two or more names (or URLs), which can result in duplicate pages. We attempt to identify those automatically by comparing statistics: Category:Duplicate website.

We usually resolve a duplicate this way:

  1. check which page was created first and what's the correct name;
  2. leave (or move) the oldest page to the correct name;
  3. redirect the other name to the main one;
  4. delete all the subpages of the redirected page;
  5. add the API URL of the duplicate to the "Additional API URL(s)" field of the target ("Advanced" tab of the form edit).